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Purple Iris Body Cream is  a smooth moisturizer for all skin types, without  feeling greasy or sticky.  Created for the body but gentle enough to use head to toe. Paired pefectly with Purple Iris Bubble Bath/Shower Gel;  an invigorating and energizing scent that can boost your mood in the morning or relax your body in the evening.  Lavender is known to help with depression, irritability and anti-inflammatory properties.  Peppermint is known for its sedating yet mental boosting abilities.  Combined, it can be exactly what you need to start your day and close with a relaxing bath.

Purple Iris Set: Bath + Body

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Due to Covid, and a rise on communicable diseaseswe do not accept returns.  If you experience damaged goods, please send us an email with a picture of the product.

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